• “We’re focused on maintaining the highest quality standards to meet the demands for environmentally-safe inks and coatings, and for today's fast-moving presses... ”

Our Services


Wide Variety

Spectra offers a wide variety of inks & coatings using flexographic gravure, lithographic and energy-curable formulations - all key in enhancing the appearance and performance of any media type and in delivering attention-grabbing materials.


Right Solution for you

In our newly equipped laboratories, we are always ready to research the right solution for each of our valued customers while we constantly work on our R&D to perfect our manufacturing methods to provide the best possible ink solutions.



Spectra’s complete line of products and services are available to small and medium flexo-printing companies for their various converting processes, substrates or end-use applications while they result in eye-catching graphics for use in paper, film, foil and board.



Consistency in quality is our signature. We are committed to provide the most accurate colors available; we supply both water-based and energy-curing inks manufactured with the latest computerized ink management systems. Each batch is carefully produced in our modern, innovative facility which means you can count on us for all your package printing and converting requirements.